Characterization of Treated Wastewater In Paper Mills

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Characterization of Treated Wastewater In Paper Mills Biological processes can eliminate nearly 100 % of biologically degradable organic substances in the wastewater of paper mills. Considering the amount of organic substances determined as COD, the level of elimination is 80 to 95 %. A distinction must be made between a genuine biological degradation and a [...]

Waste water Treatment In Paper Mills

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Wastewater Treatment Most of the wastewater from German pulp and paper mills is treated biologically, either in municipal treatment plants (18 % of production volume) or in in-mill plants (74 % of production volume). 4 % of the annual paper volume is produced in mills with a totally closed water circuit which means that these [...]

Wastewater : Paper Industry

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Wastewater The paper industry has a high fresh water demand. At the beginning of the 20th century, about 500 to 1000 m3 of water was required for the production of one ton of paper. Today the specific fresh water demand is much lower. The German paper industry, for instance, has succeeded in reducing the specific [...]