Paper Bleaching Chemicals : Paper Bleaching Auxiliaries

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Paper Bleaching Auxiliaries These products enable a more efficient bleaching of the chemical, mechanical and deinked pulps and lead to increased whiteness. They are generally based on sur¬face active agents, i. e. wetting agents (see Section 3.6.7.) which are resistant to bleaching chemicals as well as chelating (complexing) agents (see Section 3.6.3.). Some of the [...]

Paper Bleaching Chemicals : Bleaching Substances

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Bleaching Substances . • Chlorination (C) with chlorine, an effective, selective and inexpensive bleaching agent that reacts very fast with lignin. For environmental reasons during the last ten years chlorine is being substituted by chlorine dioxide, ozone and/or oxygen all over the world. In Europe substitution is already 100 %. In this particular case bleached [...]

Paper Functional Chemicals- Recycled Paper Additives

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Read the Beginning of this article... 3.6.7 Additives for Recovered Fiber Processing For economic and environmental reasons the use of recovered paper as raw mate¬rial has already reached a high level and will grow further. For its preparation specific chemicals are required, depending on the quality of the recovered papers and the necessary properties of [...]

Paper Bleaching Chemicals

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When chemical pulp, mechanical pulp and deinked recycled fibers are used in the production of white papers e. g. printing and writing papers, hygiene paper (tissue) or white top of board, these pulps have to be bleached up to a certain brightness. The bleaching of chemical pulp (see Volume 1) is carried out in several [...]