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Paper Machine Dryer Section : Tissue Drying Section

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Conventional tissue drying is a combination of contact and impingement drying. Today a combination with through drying is often used. So a tissue drying system consists either of a tissue cylinder wrapped by a hood or of a system with an additional through air dryer section ahead of the tissue cylinder. In some cases only through air dryers… Continue reading

Paper Machine Dryer Section :Web Handling and Hood

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In order to reduce the forces acting on the web at high machine speeds a single-tier dryer section is applied where the paper web is continuously supported by a fabric. In the critical areas where the web has to be released from the drying cylinder surface stabilizers support the safe web run. Stabilizers… Continue reading

Paper Machine Dryer Section : Dryer Sections

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Dryer Sections Multi-cylinder Dryer Section Types of Multi-cylinder Dryer Section
Multi-cylinder dryer sections consist of double-tier or single-tier groups or a com¬bination of both. In double-tier dryer sections (Fig. 6.54) the paper web runs around a large number of cylinders (up to about 60 in graphic paper machines and up to 90 for board and packaging paper machines) arranged in… Continue reading

Paper Machine Dryer Section : Air Impingement Drying

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This drying principle is mainly used in tissue production or in coating machines but also for enhancing the drying capacity of drying cylinders in multi-cylinder dryer sections. Hot air is blown through a nozzle plate at high velocity onto the paper. The impinging air transfers heat to the web and takes up the evaporated… Continue reading

Paper Machine Dryer Section

Dryer Section

The purpose of the dryer section is to increase the dry content of the paper web, usually to 90 to 98 %, by evaporation. During drying the fibers develop hydrogen bonds which provide the natural strength of the paper. Drying is a coupled heat

6.6 Dryer Section
and mass transfer process so heat has to be transferred from a heat… Continue reading