Testing Of Paper And Paperboard : General

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Rest of this article and detailed tests are explained in this category. Please follow this link. The proper selection of relevant analysis and test methods for raw materials, inter¬mediate or final products obviously has importance for the success of a testing program. Process and product analysis are the main areas for a large variety of [...]

Grades And Properties Of Paper

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The Material Paper: a Survey Introduction The term paper refers to sheet material that is made essentially from fibers of plant origin. The characteristic feature of this nonhomogeneous material is its fiber network, which is usually arranged in layers containing pores of varying size. The properties of paper differ substantially from those of the fiber [...]

Wastewater : Paper Industry

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Wastewater The paper industry has a high fresh water demand. At the beginning of the 20th century, about 500 to 1000 m3 of water was required for the production of one ton of paper. Today the specific fresh water demand is much lower. The German paper industry, for instance, has succeeded in reducing the specific [...]

Objective of PM Control Systems

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 Objective and General Terms of PM Control Systems 9.1.1 Objective A typical paper machine has a few thousands remote or automatically controlled functions like positioning systems, drives, valves and more than a thousand addi¬tional measurement devices to monitor the process and the condition of the ma¬chine. It is impossible for an operator to oversee all [...]

Reel Slitting

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 Reel-Slitting 8.1.1 Objective and General Description of Reel-slitting The objective of reel-slitting is to convert the large parent reels (machine reels, jumbo reels) from the paper machine into suitable size rolls which can be either sent directly to the end-user, e. g. a printer, or receive further mill-internal treat¬ment such as sheeting. The machine on [...]

Objectives of Paper Coating

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 Objectives of Paper Coating The main purpose of coating is to improve the surface quality of paper or board. The quality improvement can be aimed at optical properties such as brightness, gloss or opacity, at tactile properties such as smoothness, but, most importantly, at printability and print image quality. The application of (usually white) pigments [...]

Paper Surface Sizing

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 Surface Sizing Some paper machines contain a unit for the application of certain liquid media to the web surface. When applying a starch solution, a sizing agent, or a mixture thereof, this process is called sizing. The main objectives of sizing are to increase the strength of the paper and to modify the surface properties [...]

Overview of Paper and Board Machines

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The objective of the process on the paper machine is to produce a continuous paper web of the required quality, uniform in machine (MD) and cross machine (CD) directions. The process equipment consists of the approach flow system, the headbox and the wire section, the press section, the dryer section, often a size press, sometimes [...]

Paper Mill Water Circuits

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Water Circuits 5.1 Introduction Water is, besides fibers of course, the key component in pulp and paper manu¬facturing and fulfills numerous functions in the process. It is used as a transport medium, for cleaning and cooling, as a lubricant and finally as the “binding agent” for forming hydrogen bonds between the fibers within the paper [...]

Stock Preparation Overview

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The objective of fiber stock preparation systems is to modify the different ingoing raw materials in such a way that the finished stock finally supplied to the paper machine suits the requirements of the paper machine and of the quality demands put on the produced paper or board. The raw stocks used are the various [...]