Packaging Paper and Board Grades

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Packaging Paper and Board Grades  (Extensive information on other paper grades are Here.) Overview A large number of grades of paper and board are available for packaging and are employed for many different purposes. Packaging paper grades range from simple wrapping paper (WP, made from mixed recovered paper) to kraft paper, and are predominantly [...]

Principles of Coating Techniques for Paper and Board

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Principles of Coating Techniques for Paper and Board Historically, papers used to be coated in much the same way as painting a wall: the color was applied and distributed with a brush, then dried and smoothed. The process has remained essentially unchanged to the present day, although it has undergone major improvements over time. Today, [...]

Systems for Fiber Stock Preparation

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The target of fiber preparation systems is to modify the raw materials for paper production so that the stock suits the requirements of the paper machine as well as those of the finished paper or board. Raw materials are virgin fibers from different sources such as chemical pulps from hard- or softwood or mechanical fibers [...]

Process Chemicals For Paper

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Process chemicals are all additives which are used to solve or prevent problems in the paper manufacturing process, to improve its efficiency and/or to provide eco¬logical advantages. For example these additives allow reduction in the consump¬tion of fresh water and energy, the prevention of foam and deposits, the improve¬ment of drainage and/or reduction in fiber [...]