What is Paper ?

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Paper is defined internationally as a thin layer of mostly cellulosic plant fibers, produced on a screen by dewatering a slurry of fibers in water . The slurry is called pulp. Despite recent developments (proteinic or synthetic fibers, chemical additives, coating, etc.) the “cellulosic plant fiber” will be the main, not exclusive, component of paper, [...]

Paper and Paperboard

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The history of paper is also the history of human culture and civilization. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans wrote on “papyrus”, a paper-like material. Today’s kind of paper was first developed and used in China. Paper was the most important carrier of information in the past. It was only with increasing paper production that the [...]

Paper Manufacturing Process

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Papermaking today includes, in principle, the same process steps as applied for centuries: preparation of the fiber material, sheet or web forming, pressing, dry­ing, sizing and smoothing. However, in the last two centuries much of the detail has changed. Each process step has undergone – and still undergoes today – in­tensive research and development work [...]