Stock Preparation Overview

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The objective of fiber stock preparation systems is to modify the different ingoing raw materials in such a way that the finished stock finally supplied to the paper machine suits the requirements of the paper machine and of the quality demands put on the produced paper or board. The raw stocks used are the various [...]

Stock Preparation Unit Processes and Equipment

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Fiber Materials Feeding The objective of fiber material feeding is to supply a predetermined and measured amount of fiber stock to the repulping unit. The feed is either continuous or batch-wise. The fiber material is delivered to the paper mill in the form of bales (virgin pulp, recovered paper) or as loose material (recovered paper). [...]

Systems for Fiber Stock Preparation

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The target of fiber preparation systems is to modify the raw materials for paper production so that the stock suits the requirements of the paper machine as well as those of the finished paper or board. Raw materials are virgin fibers from different sources such as chemical pulps from hard- or softwood or mechanical fibers [...]