Objective of PM Control Systems

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 Objective and General Terms of PM Control Systems 9.1.1 Objective A typical paper machine has a few thousands remote or automatically controlled functions like positioning systems, drives, valves and more than a thousand addi¬tional measurement devices to monitor the process and the condition of the ma¬chine. It is impossible for an operator to oversee all [...]

Quality Control Systems (QCS)

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Quality Control System (QCS) 9.2.1 Quality Measurements Scanning Measurement Most paper quality measurements in the paper machine are scanning measure¬ments. In various locations so called “scanners” with usually one upper and one lower measurement head are found (Fig. 9.2). Both measurement heads move synchronously across the paper width. One scan takes about 20 to [...]

Management Information Systems

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Management Information Systems 9.3.1 Importance of Information Systems Information systems in the paper mill exist mainly at two different levels: 1. 1. Enterprise level: To collect all information concerning the material flow in the paper mill, including e. g. quality parameters of the produced paper. The in¬formation is usually collected in a very rough time [...]