Various Paper Grades

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Various Paper Grades School writing paper is a machine-finished, highly sized paper with a basis weight of 60–80 g m–2. Air mail paper is light-weight (25–30 g m–2) wood-free, often rag-containing pa¬per with high opacity. Carbon copy paper is well sized, has a basis weight between 23 and 30 g m–2 and is used in [...]

Office and Administration Papers

2017-01-08T00:14:19+00:00 Categories: Paper Grades And Properties|Tags: , , , , , , , , | Office and Administration Papers These papers offer a wide spectrum for very different areas of use, e. g., writing papers, papers for data printing, papers for forms, copy and duplicating papers, envelope paper, postcard board, self printing papers, refined papers for offset printing, blueprint papers, work drawing paper, bank notes, documents, and map paper. [...]

Wood-free Natural Printing Papers,Coated Printing Papers

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11.2 Types of Paper, Board and Cardboard Supercalendered writing papers are wood-containing natural papers that are sized and supercalendered. They can also be made from recycled fibers. Machine-finished offset papers are supplied in sheets or rolls. Wood-containing coating base papers and boards are intended to be further proc¬essed into coated papers or boards. [...]

Graphic Papers,Wood-containing Natural Printing Papers

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11.2.1 Graphic Papers The term graphic papers refers to a large range of different papers that are suitable for printing and writing and are made from virgin or recycled fibers or mixtures of them. Printing and Press Papers [13] Printing and press papers are divided into the following four subgroups: 1. 1. newsprint 2. [...]

Grades And Properties Of Paper

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The Material Paper: a Survey Introduction The term paper refers to sheet material that is made essentially from fibers of plant origin. The characteristic feature of this nonhomogeneous material is its fiber network, which is usually arranged in layers containing pores of varying size. The properties of paper differ substantially from those of the fiber [...]

Packaging Paper and Board Grades

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Packaging Paper and Board Grades  (Extensive information on other paper grades are Here.) Overview A large number of grades of paper and board are available for packaging and are employed for many different purposes. Packaging paper grades range from simple wrapping paper (WP, made from mixed recovered paper) to kraft paper, and are predominantly [...]