Objectives of Paper Coating

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 Objectives of Paper Coating The main purpose of coating is to improve the surface quality of paper or board. The quality improvement can be aimed at optical properties such as brightness, gloss or opacity, at tactile properties such as smoothness, but, most importantly, at printability and print image quality. The application of (usually white) pigments [...]

Requirements of Coated Papers for the Printing Process

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Requirements of Coated Papers for the Printing Process Printed matters are used for advertising, news and information, transactions, edu¬cation, and entertainment. Here they are in competition with other communica¬tion media, such as radio and television, and the internet. Printing on packaging paper and board has the functions of advertising, delivering information, and showing data such [...]

Requirements of Base Papers : Board for Coating

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Requirements of Base Papers/Board for Coating General Aspects Coated papers are classified as wood-containing or mechanical papers, and fine papers, which are also called woodfree, or WF papers. Wood-containing papers are made of a fiber furnish such as groundwood or other mechanical pulps. Recycled fibers (RCF) are also currently an important and steadily growing raw [...]

Principles of Coating Techniques for Paper and Board

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Principles of Coating Techniques for Paper and Board Historically, papers used to be coated in much the same way as painting a wall: the color was applied and distributed with a brush, then dried and smoothed. The process has remained essentially unchanged to the present day, although it has undergone major improvements over time. Today, [...]

Components and Properties of Coating Colors

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Components and Properties of Coating Colors Coating colors have a very simple composition, although the interactions between ingredients are far from simple. A coating color consists primarily of pigments dispersed in water, plus binders, cobinders and additives (see also Section 3.6.9.). Calculations are, as a rule, based on the dry product, even if the actual [...]

Measurements of Coating Colors

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Measurements of Coating Colors The shear-viscosity and viscoelastic properties of paper coatings and their time-dependent behavior are important attributes that need to be measured for better understanding and optimization of the process. Viscosity Viscosity is measured with rheometers or viscometers. The methods used include rotational deformation, squeezing deformation, extrusion (capillary) flows, and free surface stretching. [...]

Coating Color Formulations

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Coating Color Formulations The main driving forces to develop new or improved coating color formulations are: . • customer needs for improved coated paper quality such as higher brightness, print gloss and bulk, better coating coverage . • requirement of high uniformity of paper quality which calls for accurate process control during coating color formation, color application, and drying [...]

Paper Coating Color Preparation

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Paper Coating Color Preparation 7.7.1 General Aspects of Coating Kitchen Set-up The objective of a coating color preparation plant is to prepare the desired amount of coating color in the required quality using a combination of mixing, pumping, storing, conveying, metering, and screening processes. Such a plant consists of storage tanks, pipelines, pumps, valves, mixer, [...]

Measurements of Coated Paper Surface

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Measurements of Coated Surface  Different printing methods have their own requirements for coated paper and paperboard. The coating amount has a big influence on the physical and optical surface properties. Physical properties are smoothness, gloss, surface strength, ink absorption, dusting/linting, piling and visual defects. Optical properties are brightness, whiteness, color shade, opacity, mottling and print [...]