Packaging Paper and Board Grades

Packaging Paper and Board Grades  (Extensive information on other paper grades are Here.) Overview
A large number of grades of paper and board are available for packaging and are employed for many different purposes.
Packaging paper grades range from simple wrapping paper (WP, made from mixed recovered paper) to kraft paper, and are predominantly supplied in rolls. They are made from various virgin pulps (sulfite/kraft pulp), from recycled fibers or from mixtures of chemical pulp and recycled fibers. These grades are employed in the production of bags, beer mats, carrier bags, gift wrapping paper, etc.

Some examples are:
For the foodstuff sector, for instance, special types of paper and board are pro¬duced which must fulfil the requirements of the food laws. These papers are also widely used in the nonfood sector, e. g., as coating papers. The possibilities of combination with each other and with other materials (plastics) are numerous. In this way, special packing materials can be produced for most packaging purposes. Greaseproof papers, e. g., are used for the packaging of butter, margarine, meat, and sausage. These papers include vegetable parchment and glassyne, and are pro¬vided with barrier polymers.

Kraft liner or test liner, and corrugating medium are the base for corrugated board production. Depending on their intended purpose (for the smooth surface or the corrugated inner layer of corrugated board), these papers are produced with vary¬ing strength, stiffness, wet strength, and printability.
Folding boxboard is ideally suited for the production of folding boxes because of its properties, such as good scorability, creasing ability, groovability, and print¬ability. This board can be coated or uncoated; the former gives a better printed format.
Machine-made board (also solid fiber board) is produced almost exclusively from recycled fibers and is processed primarily into mailing boxes.
For all paper and board grades described above, the stock is adjusted to meet the requirements in each case. 

Extensive information on other paper grades are Here.