Testing Of Paper And Paperboard : Bursting Strength

The bursting strength is important in the characterization of packaging papers. The bursting strength of paper is determined in accordance with ISO 2758 (2001) and that of board in accordance with ISO 2759 (2001). In the testing instrument, the free area of the sample stretched in a circular frame is exposed to increasing pressures until it ruptures.

Packing materials are also characterized by their bursting strength. For instance, set values are stipulated in DIN 55 468 Part 1 (1999) for the strength of corrugated boards, and are used for classification. The same standard specifies set values for the puncture resistance.

This strength property is determined, mainly for cardboard and corrugated board, by measuring the resistance offered by a sample to the penetration of a pyramidal body (ISO 3036, 1975 and DIN 53 142–1, 2003). There is also a puncture test method available (DIN 53 142–2, 2003) which describes a linear penetration of the pyramidal body.