Coated Paper Market Trends

Market Situation and Future Trends
The worldwide consumption of paper and board will grow by approximately 2 to 2.5 % for the next two decades at least. The development and fast worldwide expan¬sion of electronic media has led to a certain shift in paper qualities and challenged the development of new paper and board qualities. In particular, pigment coated grades have participated most in this new competition in the area of communica¬tion and packaging. Because of their significantly better printability, their more aesthetic attractiveness and their more valuable feel, the growth rate of coated paper and board will be twice as high as that of paper and board in general Printed paper is a cost efficient medium with a high capacity for information, universally easily available and fully recyclable.

 Most pigments are significantly cheaper than chemical pulps so increasing both the proportion of coated paper in general and the coating layer(s) compared to fibers (Fig. 3.12) is an important economic factor. In 2004 coated paper and board accounted for 17 % of the total worldwide paper production of 350 V 106 t and will grow by 2014 to 21 % of the then 430 V 106 t paper and board production. The proportion of coated paper to board is ca. 80 % to 20 % and the proportion of coating layer compared to the total area weight for paper is significantly higher (30–65 %) than for board (5–20 %). The future trends for coated papers will involve more specific paper products, further development of coating technology, ongoing progress in printing technology, environmental issues, development of coating color raw materials and the globalisation of paper companies.
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